Monday, November 9, 2009

Making Peace With Abundance

I had an epiphany today about abundance. I noticed I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities in my life and how I can deal with it "all".

I realized I cannot read all the books that are recommended to me. I can't read every blog or listen to every album. I can't follow up with every lead for my business. I can't have an intimate conversation with every friend. I can't meet every stranger. I can't prepare every recipe that comes to me. I can't watch every t.v. show that is listed on my DVR. I can't thoroughly read every magazine or respond to every post on facebook and Twitter. I can't see every play or go to every concert. I can't blog about every epiphany. At least, I can't do it all today.

My epiphanous (I made up that word) answer to this overwhelming list of possibilities is to be fully present with whatever is at the top of my list right now. I must accept that I can only be fully present to one task, one source of entertainment or one person at a time. It is only then that I can more fully enjoy that which is before me, knowing that the next moment, day, year or decade will offer me more space to fill with the abundance of blessings that are available.

Seeing my life as a container in which an endless number of experiences can accumulate, feels good and right to me. It enhances my joy and my sense of peace to know that every morsel of life that I choose to give my attention is exactly what I need in that moment. Everything else? It can all wait until I'm ready.