Sunday, April 6, 2014

Temporary Insanity

I recently found myself in a state of temporary insanity. The basis of my insanity was fear. Fear that I had caused harm, which then caused me to fear I had no control since it was not my intention to hurt anyone in the first place. This combination can be deadly to joy, which can only be present for the sane.

After circling round and round for a while in this spiral of fear, I realized that I was feeding my own insanity. As I looked for other weaknesses I possess where I may cause future harm, it caused my fear to increase. It was only after realizing what I was doing to myself, and that I did actually have control, that I was able to pull myself out of the dark hole and back into the light.

Now that I’m back, I can reflect on my lesson. (This is not a new lesson, I apparently just forgot it…. which happens with temporary insanity) What I have recalled is things change….emotions, thoughts, situations, actions and words of those around us. As these elements shift, our level of fear can shift. If we are especially willing and desiring to feel better than the way we do when we are insane, this process can occur rather easily.

I was willing. I was ready. I had a strong desire to feel better…to be sane once again and in just over 24 hours, I was back. I was back to the land of love, where I can now see things more clearly, where I can be aligned with who I really am.

Unfortunately when we are temporarily insane we may fool ourselves into thinking our self-abuse will actually heal the harm we may have caused, where in truth, it only delays healing and it some cases can actually increase the harm to those we wish to protect.

Love heals all….even temporary insanity.