Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Weeeeeeeee in Wii

Earlier today I stopped by Country Terrace, an assisted living facility, to visit my Mom. When I walked through the sitting area on my way to her apartment, I discovered her there with her friend, and fellow nonagenarian, Norma. My brother was also present and the three were in the middle of a hot game of Wii bowling. When they were finished (my Mom won), I was invited to join them.

If you have never played Wii bowling, it's really quite fun. The little characters on the screen can be made to resemble the actual players that are holding their remote-like controls that release the ball. The arm motion, aim and release are very similar to the real deal kind of bowling.

We played two more games and my Mom won one and tied Norma in one. I came in at the bottom of the lineup without complaint, since competition is not high on my list of values. Observing and admiring my Mom and Norma stand up repeatedly (not an easy task) to take their turns, and then follow through with the release of their ball, showing delight for their spares and strikes and being totally into the game, was the main object of fun for me.

Of course, my brother, a competitor to the core, was once again humiliated in defeat by not one nonagenarian, but two. He does not deliberately lose, but instead claims my Mom "gets into his head" to psych him out resulting in his growing losing streak.

Being a witness to this bowling showdown put the Weeeeeeeee in Wii for me.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dare to Dream

Something I've noticed when talking to people about their dreams, is they sometimes try to keep them reasonable. They tend to avoid dreaming beyond what makes sense or is feasible. If they can't imagine exactly how it may come about, then the dream gets dashed.

I believe this is a disservice to dreams and to the dreamer. I believe dreams are just that.....a dream, or something intangible that can't be contained. It's a colorful imagination at work which does not have to make sense. When we have dreams while we sleep, unbelievable things occur. These sleep time dreams don't make sense or follow a predictable script. Isn't that part of the entertainment and the fun of dreaming?

My question is "Why not enjoy the process of daytime dreaming?" Why not let ourselves loose with imagining things beyond what we dared to dream before? Why not enjoy the feelings that come with creating these dreams? If we are in fear about not making them real or having them materialize, then we actually suck the life and joy out of them. What we're left with is a life-less imagination.

So, what to do? I say, dream....dream away....dream with wild abandon and have fun in your process. Dreaming in this way does not block what you are wanting to enter your reality. On the contrary, having joy and fun in the dreaming process actually aids to the dreams becoming "real" in the traditional and physical sense.

So, if your dream involves some physical challenge which some may say is impossible, such as flying around at will, focus and enjoy the feelings that would be present if you could fly, such as wild freedom, joy and oneness with all of nature. If the dream does not materialize exactly as you dreamed it might be, such as with the sprouting of large wings, focus on how else you might experience that feeling of freedom in your life. It may be with a sky dive, starting your own business or meeting a person that shares your dreams.

My suggestion is therefore to dare to limits.... no audits.... no corrections or censure. Don't worry about the hows, whys or if you are deserving. Just have fun feeling reallllly good and watch the unbelievable become a reality!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Happy Dream

At the beginning of every year, I create a motto or statement that inspires me all year long. I refer to this motto regularly. I keep it as a reminder as to how I want to live. Some past mottoes were All is Well, Gracious and Spacious, Good Enough is Not Enough, the letter L, and Remembering. When I come up with something it has to resonate with me by creating a feeling of joy and peace. My motto does not have to make sense to someone else or sound smart or catchy. It is the personal meaning that lies underneath it that keeps me inspired all year long.

My motto for 2009 is The Happy Dream, a reference from A Course in Miracles. What this statement means to me is that since I consider my life to be a dream of sorts, from which I will awaken some day, I am reminded to keep my focus on being happy. It doesn't mean I find disasters or catastrophes to be amusing, but it does mean I can be peaceful and accepting, no matter what situations occur in my life's storyline.

When I sleep I seldom have bad dreams or nightmares. My nighttime dreams are typically pretty funny and entertaining. I observe myself in the dreams to be simply curious about the unusual happenings and not frightened by them. In my sleep, I tend to be unscathed by the challenges that show up. I see the humor in it all. I also look for some meaning to the events that play out. I look for messages that I should note as well as the lessons I can apply to life when I'm awake.

In my waking life, which is actually also a dream, I plan on keeping this same perspective and remember the Happy Dream. It is my intention to live my life in a state of happy dreams that amuse me, that give me lessons to learn and messages to understand. I will remember not to take life so seriously and to trust that I am never alone. If I notice myself feeling unhappy, then my inner alarm will go off reminding me of my motto. From there, I can simply ask myself how I want to be in this dream episode.

The main thing for me to remember is to be happy. My being reactive, fearful, angry, resentful or hurt will not change any of the circumstances. If I can remember this life is just a dream, then I can hopefully keep my mind open for the lessons and the meanings while I experience happiness in my waking dream.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Leafing The Pages of 2008

Every year on the 31st of December I enjoy leafing through my appointment book to take stock of the happenings listed on its pages for the past 12 months. Of course, there are many things that occurred that were not planned or scheduled, yet seeing all of the events that were, they are a great reminder to me to be grateful for all.

Some of the scheduled events were many trips, short ones and long ones. I see I attended several parties of all types....birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holiday functions, Pamper Chef, Premier Jewelry and one wedding. I see there were many meals with friends.... in restaurants and those we hosted in our home, as well as those where we were the guests. There were lots of picnics and a wonderful Sistaaaaaas week-end that were scheduled.

I'm reminded of several great workshops that David and I led and a great one that we attended. As I scan the pages I see the names of some wonderful clients that I worked with this year and some I am thankful to have been with for several years. My appointments for volunteer work for the Obama campaign, the ACS and Samaritan House had their place. It was fun to be reminded of the happenings with Project: Inside Out, including two Ropes Courses, student interviews, weekly school visits and final parties.

There were some family medical crisis, deaths and births that show scheduled visits to the hospital and reminders to self of sending cards expressing sympathy and our congratulations.

There were some shopping trips, afternoon coffee connections, massages, facials and hairdresser appointments, post cancer check ups and my introduction to acupuncture.

I attended many plays, rehearsals, personal performances, concerts and art shows.

Some of the planned events written in my book were canceled due to weather and some due to a change in my intention or choice.

It's fun to turn the pages back, reflecting on all that occurred and once again feeling the speed of how it all seemed to have taken place.

After taking the time to reflect and be grateful for all the experiences, joys and learning 2008 gave me, I have closed my book and filed it away. These are now days that are gone. What remains, however is the gratitude for my life....for my family, my health, my friends, my work, my community and all the ways I get to enjoy what is present now.

I wonder what will fill the pages for my 2009 appointment book.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feed the Soul

There are several people in my life that feed my soul. What I mean by that is when I am around them, I feel naturally good. Natural (or naturally) to me means I can't help but feel authentic joy and be at my best. The good piece of this description means happy good. In other words....I feel light, enthusiastic and excited when my soul is fed.

This afternoon I met my good friend, Molly for lunch. Although our meals were delicious the main course and focus of our time together was sharing what has been happening in our lives. By simply listening and being with one another our souls were fed. It was stimulating and fun to share in that way.

How sad it must be for some that do not give themselves the opportunity to be with someone in a soul feeding sort of way. What is ironic for those that may believe they aren't interesting enough or lovable enough, it is simply by their not believing their own worth that can create an empty feeling life.

The good news is feeding the soul can happen in many reading an inspirational book, prayer, taking a course, watching a movie, experiencing and learning through personal challenges , and of course, by having people in your life that you love and trust. At the top of that list of those you love and trust should be yourself. After all, you're with you all the time and can feed that soul of yours whenver it's hungry.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Preparing to Say Good-Bye

The year 2008 has been a good one, but I am ready to say good-bye. It has been a full year for me with much to look back on with gratitude, but I am still ready to say good-bye.

There is something about putting up a new calender with twelve months of possibilities hiding in its pages. I love not knowing what is to come...the mystery of experiences, challenges and opportunities. Although I have some plans already made for the new year, there is much wide open space for great stuff to be created.

So as I reflect on the past and look into the future, it is the excitement of the unknown that grabs my attention. Maybe another way to express what I feel without creating a sense of me tossing off the old, is that I have harvested many joys and many lessons from 2008 that will actually move ahead with me. I have lived 2008 fully ( at least in 2 days I can say that) and hold no regrets.

I expect to say the same at this time in 2009.