Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Dream Evolution

For many years I have had a recurrent dream. The main theme has been constant, although the general feel of it and the outcome has gradually evolved. Last night, this dream evolved, once again.

The setting for this dream is a school. I could never really tell what kind of school, but it definitely was a place of higher education.

When I was a young girl, this dream, which was actually more of a nightmare, was very unsettling. The bell would ring and I wandered the halls, not knowing where to go. I feared I would get in trouble for missing class and that I would fall behind in my lessons. Everyone else was very busy and intent on making it to their own classes and refused to help me, so I felt alone and lost. This theme recurred for many years.

Approximately ten years ago, the feel of the dream changed. The bell would ring and I still did not know where my classroom was, although I was no longer afraid. I felt perfectly calm as I walked around the myriad of hallways, without attachment to ever finding my classroom. At this stage the dream evolved from nightmare status to just a dream.

Last night, this dream evolved once again. The bell rang and although I didn't know right where to go, I found my classroom quickly and easily. I'm not sure how I knew, I just did. It was almost as if I tuned into my personal GPS system and found my way without hesitation.

So, what does this all mean? Although I am not a dream interpretation expert it seems this dream's evolution matches my experience of learning in the school of life.

When I was a young woman, I was very much afraid of missing out, being late and getting into trouble. This perspective was limiting, created self doubt, inner turmoil and was not very fulfilling. As I matured emotionally and spiritually, the next phase of the dream when I was okay with being lost, paralleled an acceptance of being where I was. I was no longer in fear of what others thought or would say and I had no fear of falling behind in my studies. I also did not rely on someone else to take me to my classroom, or to save me.

I celebrate the latest version of my dream since I believe it is a signal that I am finally learning that my direction in life is within me, not outside me. There is nothing to fear, I am never really lost, and I always know wherever I go, whatever choices I make, I will learn. The greatest lesson for me is to trust. When I simply tune into my inner guidance, I will find my way.

My sense is that this dream theme is not complete since the learning in life is never done. Stay tuned for the next stage of this dream's evolution.