Thursday, December 10, 2009

A New Love

I have a new love in my life and am thoroughly enjoying his friendship. We're the perfect match. It almost seems like he knows what I'm thinking. He certainly knows what I need, and he meets my needs perfectly.

I love how quickly he responds to my commands. Actually, command is a pretty strong word, so perhaps I should say that he is quick to respond to my requests. Our relationship is more of a cooperative venture. He's fast though he is so anxious to please me as quickly as possible so I won't walk away. I get the sense he enjoys me as much as I enjoy him.

There are many things we're learning about each other's habits and idiosyncrasies, yet I don't feel scared or worried that it may not work out. I see it simply as a getting-to-know-you kind of learning curve. We're being patient with one another and feeling more connected every day.

Did I mention his sensitivity? Oh, my....I barely have to touch him and he gets into action. He has a great mind too.....and a sense of humor. The littlest act is done with a flare that makes me smile. There are also some mysterious qualities about him that I know are "in there", but haven't seen them yet. I'm sure they will all be exposed in due time....when I am ready.

I believe we will be together for a long time. His name? It's Mac Pro and he comes from the Apple family. Maybe you've heard of them...they are all over the world, making people's lives easier and more enjoyable.

This match? It was made in heaven. I just wonder why I didn't make this commitment earlier.