Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Art of Fine Tuning

Imagine you are like a radio station and your job is to broadcast information to others. This information is not just answers to questions others have of you, but everything about you. This includes your thoughts, feelings and intentions.....the music of you.

Now, think about a radio dial that is not quite tuned in. You can hear the music or the speaker, but it is not resonating. It sounds as though something is off a bit. Sometimes we hear an un-tuned radio and ignore the fact that it is not coming through as it was meant to, yet we still listen.

When you consider yourself as a radio station that is not tuned in, you will not only be broadcasting in a way that is not a match of who you really are, there will be static to let you know that some fine tuning is needed.

Fine tuning our own stations requires us to pay attention to how we feel. If the choices we are making, or the way we are behaving does not resonate fully with ourselves, our dials need to be adjusted (and sometimes only slightly), so who we really are is coming through.

This doesn't mean that anyone within broadcasting distance of you will stay tuned in, they may not, but it does mean that what is being broadcasted is the real deal you, and true resonance is what you will feel.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Innocence of Truth

Sometimes truth is a scary thing to consider. It makes things real, and sometimes we are not courageous enough to be real. Living a life truthfully need not be so frightening when we truly see the innocence of truth.

When you think of truth as that which is in your heart, I believe it makes it easier to be with. After all, who could question the content of one's heart? When anyone is innocently sharing what they feel, it seems more than appropriate for the rest of us to open our hearts to receive it. Truth need not hurt, when we are seeing it as simply the content of one's true self being expressed to another.

Imagine what life in this world would be like, if all agreed to drop their defenses and allow their hearts to speak. Would everyone drop dead from truth flying back and forth, or would we learn to be with the truth without taking it personally?

Perhaps we would get to know ourselves better, as well as those around us, since fearing our own truth can be as debilitating as being afraid of someone else.

I imagine what we would actually discover is that finding the courage to speak what is true for us, and to hear what is true for another, would be an experience of joyful freedom "to be", without excuses, exceptions, regrets or apologies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Better than Good

I frequently get the impression from people that they are hesitant to expect much beyond good in their lives. It almost seems as though expecting a wonderful, fabulous or extraordinary life is out of if there are only so many extraordinary experiences to go around and they don't want to be greedy.

The truth is, holding the bar low for our lives does not make someone else's life better. If we accept satisfactory (or less) as the limit, it does not spread excellent to the rest. Another misconception is that if we don't expect too much, we can't be disappointed.... as if disappointments are to be avoided. The flip side of that perspective is disappointments, or what we sometimes call failures, simply sharpen our awareness and intentions even more. When we can learn to see the blessings in every experience, our lives go from good to better to great and so on.

Somehow, many of us developed this limited way of thinking, without paying attention to the truth. The truth is the greater our level of joy is in life and the higher our expectation is to live an extraordinary life, the better we feel. The better we feel, the greater the likelihood we will attract the types of situations and opportunities we are longing to live. When we are enjoying the whole process, we cannot fail.

It all comes down to this moment. It is not your life plan, your bank account or the actions of others that determines whether or not your life will be fabulous. Seeing the extraordinary in every moment cannot help but create a glorious life.