Monday, January 25, 2010

Playing the Game of Life

I love to play games of all sorts. I tend not to be especially competitive in my game playing since for me, typically, it is more fun to enjoy the process than to be the ultimate winner. Of course, when I do win a game, or even just seem to be doing well at any given time, I enjoy that too, it just isn't mandatory that I always win. I recently was comparing my gaming style with my style of living life and discovered there are many similarities.

When I play a board game I enjoy the element of chance.....the roll of the dice, or the card I pick from the top of the deck. In my Game of Life, there is that same element of chance and unpredictability. Not knowing for some, I suppose, is unnerving. I have grown to enjoy not knowing and delight in the surprises.

Some games call for strategizing. I love calling on my wits and past experience as I make my choices on the moves I could make. Just as in life, there are typically multiple options. In these cases, if I simply am unsure, I rely on my intuition to guide me. Once again, also true in the Game of Life. Whatever my choice, I always get another chance.

My game playing experience has also taught me there can be an advantage to paying attention to those that are playing the game with me and making some moves relevant to what I predict they may be planning. This is my least favorite way to play since having my personal outcome affected by what someone else is doing (or not doing) seems less empowering somehow.

I can also learn a lot by paying attention to those that frequently seem to win the game. In watching my husband play Scrabble for instance, I have learned to take my time and to always be present to what is happening. He never loses focus. He doesn't brag or boast about his climbing score, but just plays his best game. I know this tactic certainly pays off in the Game of Life too and it feels good in a grounding sort of way when I stay present and simply enjoy the triple score blessings that fall into my lap .

Whether playing Cranium, Boggle, Catch Phrase or the Game of Life, I know I can't lose when I am enjoying the process of the game and not taking any of it too seriously.