Monday, January 6, 2014

Be Your Best

A new year is upon us and it is quite likely that you may be taking stock of yourself, your work, your relationships, habits, and life in general, assessing what changes you would like to make so that you can be your best

Many of us take this new year tradition as a time to improve ourselves in some way, and for some it can turn out to be an opportunity to scrutinize ourselves to the point all we can see is our faults. 

Now, I am not going to dissuade you from taking a good hard look at how you've been showing up in the world, paying attention to how much stress you've felt or transmitted, or the impact you have on others. My suggestion is to not do your self assessment from a place of lack or judgment, but rather from the standpoint of being MORE ALIGNED with what is naturally great about you. 

Consider this perspective: You came into this world complete with an array of natural gifts. They were hard wired into the beautiful creation that is the spirit of you. As your life went on, due to a variety of circumstances, you may have lost sight of those natural gifts and began to see yourself as lacking in some way. You may have begun to compare yourself to others, or put yourself down for not being good enough. 

The truth is, your beautiful gifts that you came into this world embodying, are still there. Unfortunately, you may not be knowing or trusting their presence. If you don't know you've got it, it makes it hard to use it. 

So, as you take stock of yourself in this time of renewal, be sure to look within at the truth of who you are and how you are (or are not) living up to manifesting those gifts in your life. 

The tip in making this process easier is to get real and identify what is innately true about you. If kindness is natural, be kind. If compassion feels natural, be compassionate. If sensitivity is a gift others appreciate in you, be sensitive. If you're naturally bold and adventuresome, take more risks. 

It is a win-win situation for ourselves and for every life we touch when each of us stays true to who we are. . .I mean who we really are rather than live our lives constantly longing to be someone else. 

Being your best, means just that. Be YOUR best, not someone else.