Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heaven's Greeter

Last week-end, while on retreat amidst the Redwoods of Northern California with my leadership tribe, the Thunderbeings, those of us present had a conversation about the last standing member creating a tribute of some sort for all those that have passed previously.

Several years ago while on another retreat we created a strand of beads that acknowledges all 24 Thunderbeings. Since that time we have mailed the beads from member to member so that we each have part-time stewardship of this representative strand. Part of what we envisioned last week would be that the last member standing would have some sort of memorial for us all using this strand of beads.

Although that sounds like a beautiful ceremony to create if I should be the last member standing, my mind drifted in the other direction. I began to think what fun it would be to welcome my Thunderbeing friends to the other side. You know, kind of like a Wal-Mart greeter with wings.

If I can be a heavenly greeter, I would be keeping my eye peeled for all those that I love that still remained on earth. I wouldn't want to rush their transition, yet I would be very happy to greet them and show them the ropes in Heaven. This would be an important job, especially if the inductee has not experienced bliss on earth. I expect it would be a welcomed site to see someone they know standing at the gate with a big smile, a hug and some kind words of welcome. I suppose those new inductees won't need a cart, since there is nothing to buy, but I expect a map of how to find your way around the clouds would be in order.

I personally always appreciate someone that has already walked a path to guide me when I travel to a new place, both physically and spiritually. It would be an honor to show some new angels the ropes......get then oriented to a new way of being.

For some of my friends, I am sure they would be surprised to find themselves stepping through the pearly gates (there's no need to mention names know who you are). They may need some special attention in helping them to acclimate to a realm of complete and utter love . Others will not be surprised to walk on clouds, since they do it daily in their earthly lives.

The great news about what I expect about being Heaven's Greeter is that all that enter will forget all that was, forgive all that has been and will be open to experiencing complete and unconditional love. Yep, I think I am a good fit for the position since that is what I'm shootin' for on earth. One of my thunder sisters, CJ, is already on duty, I am sure.

So, if you are a friend of mine and even if you are not, I (when my time comes) will take my post at the gate with JOY. If I happen to be your greeter, expect that you will feel loved and filled with peace as we realize without question or doubt that we really are ONE and have always been.