Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Feel = Freedom

Sometimes when we have strong feelings, we can tend to hide, afraid to face whatever emotions are brewing. Sometimes, we even run away and hide, distancing ourselves as far as possible from being with whatever feelings are present.

What I have found is that the sooner I face whatever is within, the sooner I return to peace. Invariably the fear of facing the feelings is always far worse than simply being with whatever it is that seems to be stirring things up for me.

I am currently reading a great book written by a friend, Andrew Seubert, called The Courage to Feel. Andrew demonstrates beautifully the power and freedom of simply not running away from your emotions. His use of metaphors and case studies as well as the sharing of some of his own experiences, makes what we sometimes see as a huge challenge, into a much more doable experience for the average, feeling person.

As long as we allow our emotions to dictate our lives, we remain captive. When we learn to use our emotions to teach us something or to help us grow beyond some self created limits or beliefs, it can demystify the whole experience of being emotional beings.

Allowing our emotions to move through us, they can exit naturally and we can learn in the process how courageous we actually are.

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