Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Following the Beat of Your Drum

Imagine there is a drum, beating deep within you, that is guiding you to live a life of joy and ease. The beat of your drum is uniquely yours and very often may not be in sync with the drum beats of those you come in contact with. Perhaps your tempo is slow and steady with a very powerful resonance, while someone else's drum beat may be a faster and lighter rhythm. There are innumerable tempos and rhythms and all of them are perfect, but only for the person they are guiding.

When you are consciously staying in step with the beat of your own drum, life will feel easier. When you are trying to keep step with the rhythm of another person's drum, it will feel awkward and uneasy. Sometimes we insist that others follow our drum beat instead of their own, and that doesn't feel good either.

So how do we manage to follow our own unique drum beat and still be part of a family, a business, community, country or planet that is a conglomerate of numerous rhythms? We can do so, by respecting ourselves as we respect others. If we remember we do not have to sell out on ourselves to fit in and do not have to insist that others change to match our needs, we can all live in peace.

The more we practice listening to our own unique beat and experience the peace and joy of life that comes with it, the better we are able to appreciate the unique rhythms that surround us from others.

When we are following the beat of our own drum as others are doing the same, beautiful music will always be the result.

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