Monday, August 10, 2009

Give It UP

Whenever I have a little extra time after my morning routine, I pull out one of my inspirational card decks, believing whatever card I choose is exactly what I need to know. Today I pulled a card from my Inner Peace deck by Wayne Dyer. This message hit be between the eyes ( in a good way). The affirmation said "I release the need to determine how things 'should' be".

Whenever I feel myself getting hooked away from feeling joy and peace, I am more than likely attached to something occurring the way I think it should. Of course, I always know what's best for me. Of course, I know the most efficient and effective way for everything. Actually, the truth is, I don't......and when I am emotionally holding onto "my way" when events are occurring in a different pattern, my peace is left in the dust.

My intention in this life is to get this lesson down pat. I know that when I stop resisting and allow things to unfold, all will be well. Perhaps the route is different than the one I planned. Perhaps even the end result will be different than my goal, but allowing, rather than resisting always brings peace.

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