Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Little Acorn With a Big Message

Earlier this week while hiking in the Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I was in a conversation with my friend about my personal and professional growth. In one particular moment that I was sharing a fear about taking a big step professionally, I heard something rolling down the hillside. In the instant I completed my statement about fear, a little acorn landed on my path, directly in front of me.
The timing, the placement, and the particular precious piece of nature that found it's way to me in that moment, did not escape my attention. I laughed out loud as I realized God may be trying to get my attention. It worked.
As I picked up the acorn and studied it, I thought about the significance of it's message. Since I was specifically sharing a fear of living big and stretching out of my comfort zone, I realized how the potential for a great oak tree was embedded within this little acorn. It may be small now, but the potential for growth is surely present.
Just like the acorn came from a huge Oak tree on that Smokey Mountain hillside, I came from God. I believe I rolled into this life with all that I need already within me. I have been planted here and I am growing whether I have fear or not.
So, my lesson from the little acorn is that I may as well enjoy my sprouting and growth and reach for the sun rather than hide in the shade, knowing there is really nothing to fear.

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