Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Letting Go, Making Space

Earlier today I experienced a sudden onset of inspiration mixed with energy for the particular task of cleaning out a double bookcase. This large bookcase with opened shelves and covered storage is somewhat of a focal point in our living room. Besides displaying lots of books, it also is a display area for framed photos, some little knick-knack do dads and behind the closed doors, a bunch of uninteresting stuff that accumulates over the years.

I have noticed my books have been looking disorganized and messy. I've grown tired of dusting old, outdated pictures of my nephews and of seeing a frowning face sculpture that my son made in eighth grade.

As I rearranged the books and accumulated a pile to give away, I noticed I was getting excited with seeing the space I was creating. A metaphor was developing before my eyes.

As I went through the things behind the doors that no one ever sees (including me), I wondered why I was saving it and how much freer I would feel if I didn't hold onto things I didn't need or want.

Stuff accumulates.... physical stuff on our shelves and also stuff in our minds. Some of the stuff of life that we hold onto like regrets, anger or guilt can take up a lot of room. We may not be fully aware that it's even there, yet it is taking up space in our minds and using our energy to manage it.

Clearing out, letting go and making space for what we truly want to fill our shelves, as well as our minds, will surely make for a lighter, freer feeling life. Ahhhhhh......who doesn't want that?

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