Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eve

It is early evening on the eve of Christmas. I managed my activities so I could spend the day at home rather than frantically running about picking up last minute necessities. It's been a heart warming kind of day. Quiet. Reflective and warm...... from the inside out.

I visited some neighbors and delivered my homemade gifts. Some folks showed up at my back door with a treat or a card in hand.

Each encounter was sweet and precious. I felt very grateful to be surrounded by so many people that care so much about me and my husband. Although I don't take them for granted (at least I hope I don't), there is something special that I feel when we celebrate this day on the eve of Christmas.

It's almost like our antennae are up and we are more tuned in to one another. We are more verbal and comfortable about sharing our feelings with friends and family. We feel generous and outwardly more caring. Hugs and kisses on cheeks are the typical form of greeting.

In a short time we will be headed out to a friend's home for an open house. We will be greeted with more hugs and kissed cheeks, a large array of wonderful foods, little kids excitedly anticipating Santa's arrival and a feeling of universal love and joy.

Our religious beliefs may not all match, our favorite holiday foods and traditions may vary, but throughout this time of joyous celebration, I feel loved. On this eve of Christmas, that is the only gift I want.

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