Friday, February 12, 2010

An Old Cat Learning New Tricks

I am currently visiting my friends, the Larsons', in Albert Lea, Minnesota and have had the opportunity to observe an old cat learning new tricks from a new and very active kitten that has recently joined the family.

Cuppy, a nearly sixteen year old feline has been enjoying what would be similar to human retirement for many years. His sedentary life has now changed, however, since a new, extremely energetic and playful kitten, Buddy has been welcomed into the household.

What my friends have noticed is that Cuppy has recently shown some signs of returned youthfulness. For instance, he has rediscovered his courage to investigate surfaces higher than three feet from the ground, rather than staying within the safety of the floor, sofa and chairs.

In addition, a long gone experience of dashing about the house at fast speeds, has now become routine. At first, it only occurred when chased by his much younger step kitten, but now seems to be occurring at random, purely for the joy of it.

The lesson that is becoming very clear to me in watching this old cat learn new tricks is that we are never too old to renew our vitality for life. If we remain open to being inspired by those around us that seem to have no limits or inhibitions, we can expand our capacity for joyful living. When we forget our age and its associated perceived limitations, and remain open to learning new tricks, the joy of life will never end.

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