Saturday, April 10, 2010


A friend gave me the gift of this shirt seen in the photo several years ago. She knew me well at the time and knew I would love it. She was right. I have worn the shirt too many times to count. Each time I wear it, I feel it's meaning, which is actually a double meaning.

Sometimes I see that the message says "Be loved", which can be the perfect reminder that I must allow myself to "be loved", or in other words keep the door open to my heart, so I can feel love. What is necessary to feel love is to know that I am lovable beyond conditions. Whether I have made any recent errors in judgment, caused any problems, or just didn't do enough in that particular day, I am lovable. I love feeling lovable, by the brings out the best in me.

Sometimes I see that the message says "Beloved" and that is a beautiful reminder for me to focus on sending love. Looking at those around me as Beloved Ones creates a softness..... a peacefulness inside me that feels right and natural. Aren't we all Beloved souls? Must we judge ourselves as being lovable or not?

It makes me wonder what the world would be like if we all wore Be loved shirts every day. Maybe we all just need a reminder of how much we're loved and if we knew that, how much more we would love others (without condition, of course).