Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Wondering

My mind sometimes gets on a tangent of wonder. Many of the things I wonder about aren't exciting or potentially life changing, but they do amuse me. Here's some things I'm wondering about today.

  • I wonder why people wear sunglasses on cloudy days or indoors
  • I wonder why parents scream at their children to stop screaming
  • I wonder why drivers yell obscenities at other drivers for committing a rude act while driving
  • I wonder why people order whipped cream on their Skinny Lattes
  • I wonder why people order a diet soda with their Whopper and Fries (super sized)
  • I wonder why people complain about being stiff, yet never stretch
  • I wonder why people say they are good Christians and are following the teachings of Jesus, yet judge other people
  • I wonder why people complain about having wrinkles, but don't wear sunscreen
  • I wonder why people smoke, yet complain about being out of breath or coughing all the time
  • I wonder why people complain about the high cost of food and still buy empty calorie snacks
  • I wonder why people claim to be exercise fanatics but will drive around a parking lot repeatedly waiting for a closer parking space to open up
  • I wonder why people cheat on their calorie counting
  • I wonder why people share their email addresses, but never check if they have messages
  • I wonder why people say yes when they mean no and then complain about doing what they said yes to
  • I wonder why people complain about being depressed and continue to focus on things that are depressing
  • I wonder why people lament that they have no friends, yet never make a move to be friendly to someone else
  • I wonder why people complain about rude or mean things people may say to or about them, yet continually say similar or worse things in their own mind
  • I wonder why people complain about other people (loved ones, co-workers etc.) behind their backs, but don't tell them directly what it is they expect, or how they feel
  • I wonder why people stay in relationships, jobs or habits that are not at all fulfilling and make no efforts to improve their situation
  • I wonder why some people call themselves fearless leaders, but are afraid to tell the truth
  • I wonder why people demand respect, yet don't show respect to others or even themselves
  • I wonder why people avoid eye contact with another while they long for connection
Yes, I know these may be some of the great mysteries of life, yet I will attempt to answer them, since wondering for me always takes me somewhere else. Stay tuned for the next post. I invite your responses in the interim.

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