Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making It Up On Purpose

I have never been very goal oriented. It's not that I don't have desires or aspirations, it's just that I have always seemed to dream my dreams as I rolled along in life, rather than set them out way ahead on my path and then work hard to catch up with them. Maybe when I was young I was afraid to be disappointed if I failed, or perhaps I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to even set a goal.

Whatever the reason, my life works just fine playing it out the way I have. My preference is still to feel things out and trust my intuition as I watch opportunities come and go. I focus more on how I want to feel, and then allow ideas to flow that match that desired feeling. My sense is if I was a goal setter, my accomplishments would not be as great as those that were born from inspired ideas in the moment, and the serendipitous results that have come my way. No goals.... just situations, people and opportunities lining up to match me.

My goal-less way of living leaves room for lots of surprises. It's fun making it up as I go. Many times I find myself on a different path from where I started. I know if it is a path worth traveling by how it feels. If it feels hard (like work) and I am not compelled to talk about it with everyone I see, that is not a road I'll want to travel. On the other hand, when I am having fun, even though I am spending countless hours on a project, plus I eat, sleep, breathe, write about and talk about whatever it is, then that's a sure sign that I am in step with my purpose.

If goals work for you and you get excited even thinking about it, then have fun...go for it. If goals seem more like a should than a must, and you feel exhausted with no exhilaration, perhaps making it up on purpose will work for you too.

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