Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hard Road or the Easy Road?

I am learning from experience that I have a choice to take the Hard Road or the Easy Road to get to my destination. The metaphorical destination is my goal. It is something I am wanting to create or accomplish in my life. It can be in completing a simple task, working on a relationship, building my business or any other challenge that life can present.

It seems that most of us automatically see many of those goals in our lives destined to be difficult and challenging. We frequently anticipate inevitable suffering. We set ourselves up for an uphill battle, discomfort, probable frustration and possible failure.

What I have learned is that where I hold power ( as we all do) is in my attitude and choice in the road I choose to get to my destination.....the Hard Road, or the Easy Road. I know I will eventually get to my destination, so the things needed to get there are still necessary. For instance, if I am creating a workshop there will be many things needed to get it done. Where the difference lies is in how I hold it.....how I feel about the process. If I am optimistic, ideas will naturally flow and I feel inspired. All of the needed particles fall into place. I can create a fun way to move through my list and soon I am complete with the process.

On the other hand, I know from experience, if I see a project as too big with not enough time or with many elements that will be huge challenges, I feel sluggish. My energy is low, my enthusiasm is low, coming up with ideas is like looking for a needle in a haystack and the whole process feels HARD. To me the Hard way feels unnatural.

I believe without question, the path intended for us to choose, is EASE. There are no true roadblocks, with the exception of the ones we create ourselves in our minds. We have all heard stories of people that have created amazing things with huge challenges and moved from point to point, trusting that they will be successful, and they are.

What is important to distinguish in this article is that challenges are likely to often be present and if we are called to move through them, why not choose an attitude of lightness, of humor, of optimisim. After all, when we get there....(to our metaphorical destination), our enjoyment will be that much greater and our gratitude that much more profound.

When you have a choice to have a pleasant, enjoyable trip or an unpleasant and challenging one, which will you choose?

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