Monday, August 25, 2008

The Power of a Whisper

Have you ever noticed how you can tend to tune out someone speaking in a normal tone of voice, but if there is a whisper, you lean in closer to hear what is being said?

There is something compelling about the gentleness of a whisper. It isn't demanding our attention, yet we naturally open up with greater curiosity and interest in listening. Is it because we generally communicate with those around us in a fast and often loud, demanding way, that the softness of a whisper pulls us in? What we think of as normal conversation can be chaotic, causing us to process many things at once. It can be challenging to keep our focus with multiple streams of information streaming in around us, yet the whisper gently commands us to slow down and pay attention.

When I slow my thoughts, or better yet, still my mind completely, I hear whisperings that remind me of who I really am. This voice from within which I believe is God's voice, reassures me that all is well and that I will always reconnect with peace when I stop and listen.

I have trained myself to notice how I feel. If I feel confused, lost, scared or upset. I slow down and listen for the small, still voice....the whisper that always leads me back to peace.

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