Friday, September 26, 2008

Endless Possibilities

I am grateful to be living in a beautiful part of the country, Northern Pennsylvania. You can look in any direction and see mountains with beautiful vistas that seem to go on and on. In fact, this area of Pennsylvania is referred to as the Endless Mountains.
As I look at this picture taken not far from my home, I not only see endless mountains, but endless possibilities.
If you can imagine the grass and hay bales in the foreground representing what is familiar in our lives. We can see our life up close...we understand it and we know what it will look like tomorrow. There's some security in that for many of us. It is quite lovely, so why not just keep this perspective of safe and familiar? It's certainly an option.
Another option is to look off into the horizon where the mountains seem to intersect. First of all these mountains are high, they are covered with trees of many varieties. I imagine there are some wildlife, some springs, and maybe even some waterfalls interspersed throughout. All of these possibilities in the Endless Mountains can transpose to the variety of things available to us when we look off into the horizon beyond what is familiar and comfortable in our lives.
As I look beyond the familiar in my life, I imagine there are new opportunities in the distance available for me to experience; people of varied backgrounds waiting for me to meet; some challenges that will set me in a different direction from what I might expect; not to mention some new lands for me to explore.
When I reach my next peak, I will look ahead to the next mountain to climb, knowing there will be others beyond it. I don't care about ever being done. It's my goal to look for the joy throughout the journey.

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