Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Right Path

As we move through our lives we take many paths. They all lead somewhere. Some are windy and some are straight. Some feel very safe and others, feel pretty scary.
At various times of our lives there can also be forks in the road, which can add to our confusion. Another influence that can make it difficult to choose the "right" path is when other's wishes for us make us question our decision. Perhaps we don't want to disappoint those that are encouraging us as they point us in a particular direction. Maybe we're just plain scared to take the path they see as perfect for us. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is the decision is ours to make. So how do we know which path is the right path, right now?

I believe we all have the answer to that question already within us, waiting to be discovered. In fact, I believe the answer is there before the question even arises. It is in your blueprint for living a joy-filled and fulfilling life. When we can clear our minds of all distractions and banish the doubts and fears that hold us back, the answer is there, clear and simple. If we are not following our heart's direction, we will feel an absence of peace. If we do follow the path that feels "right", even if it scares us, we will feel peace.

Trusting our own hearts, is of course mandatory. Without that trust, we will continue to flounder and struggle while sorting out other's opinions and releasing ourselves from our self-made constraints.

It may be we're not quite ready to take the path we are dreaming about. If that is true, I encourage you to take a good, long, hard look at what you are saying "no" to if you delay taking that path that feels right. A good question to ask yourself, is "What is at stake with this decision"?

I believe life is meant to be an adventure. Exploring the path after we connect with our "heart" will take us somewhere. When we get to somewhere.....there will be a new path to choose and the process continues.

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