Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creative Fun

I often speak of living with JOY, and I do my best to practice ways to live joyfully. To me, JOY is the result of a spiritual focus. It may be love, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion or service to others that create JOY. A close cousin to JOY is FUN.

For as long as I can remember having FUN in my life has been a priority. I create FUN things to do no matter what compartment of my life I am focusing on. I co-create FUN in my work with leading workshops, working with students or in coaching my clients. I make it so it will be FUN to take care of my tasks I have a FUN attitude about traveling and having new adventures (planned and unplanned). I have FUN talking on the phone.....going to public events.....being in plays. I also enjoy having FUN in my dreams. Whatever may be calling for my attention in any given moment, I am always open to having it be FUN. Typically I am successful.

You may be thinking too much FUN is not a good thing. You may believe that a FUN-lover couldn't possibly meet all of their responsibilities, since serious, hard work is what you must do. You may believe that if you don't suffer then you don't deserve the positive perks of life. Well, my answer is I, and my fellow Fun-lovers, do accomplish many things. The difference is we enjoy most of what we do. We suffer less, complain less, laugh more and enjoy more. I boldly create FUN without guilt or apology.

With some creativity FUN can be woven into every fabric of our lives. What part of your life do you wish would be more FUN? What needs to change in your beliefs about that compartment of life that would make more room for FUN? What would be the outcome of your many roles in life if you had more FUN managing them?

I encourage you to practice paying with it......and most of all.....have FUN in your process of creating FUN!

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