Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Making a Birthday Happy

Birthdays have always been a big deal for me. I happen to love special attention although I try not to expect a lot. A heart felt acknowledgment of my placement in life means a lot to me. Extravagant gifts or big parties are not a must. I also don't expect gifts or cards. You see, I have been down the road of birthday expectations and have been disappointed when the people I know love and care for me, might forget.

So, here's how I deal with that question of making a birthday happy these days. I aim to not put the value of the day on someone elses shoulders, or give them the responsibility of making it a happy day. It is my intention to find the happy within me, not outside me. How I manage that is by taking stock of who I am, what I have learned in the past year and where I am headed. I focus on loving me unconditionally. I also celebrate by doing the same number of abdominal crunches as my age. You see, these are all gifts and they all fit. Having access to make myself feel good is liberating....and I like that very much.

So where does that leave the loved ones in my life? When I manage to stay in that place of no expectation, then anything that happens or comes my way for my birthday is a surprise.... and I love surprises.

Today is that day of happy-making, birthday celebrating for me. So far, I have had a leisurely day in rainy Minnesota preparing to co-lead a workshop this evening. I have done my meditation, journaling, 2 1/2 miles on the treadmill and 56 crunches. I have been surprised by a mysterious singer of Happy Birthday on my cell phone, a couple of fun emails and a sweet card from a good friend. I already feel full....so anything else that happens will be icing on the cake.....not that I expect a cake.

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