Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Hidden Blessings

I spent the entire day yesterday traveling. My well planned itinerary looked perfect on paper as well as in my mind. I was traveling from Wellsboro to Minneapolis. I've made this trip many times, mostly without incident or delays. Yesterday was different.

Now perhaps I had something to do with this unexpected turn of events. When I awoke, I said a prayer of gratitude for this trip I was to take and asked for some joyful adventures to fill my day. Although being stuck on the ground (in the plane) due to fog for an extended time, which caused me to miss my connecting flight in Philadelphia, and then more delays in Philadelphia and eventual re-routing via a different airline in another terminal of the airport, and lost luggage, I did have a day filled with adventure and blessings.

The adventures had to do with some of the logistic and physical maneuvering required of me to negotiate an alternative plan. I was eventually successful in finding a way to get me to my destination. The hidden blessings throughout the day turned out to be people I met along the way.

I have made it a practice to accept "what is" and look for something to appreciate in every situation. Although there are times, I cannot find a single thing to be grateful for, yesterday was a day that I had great success. In doing this, I typically seek to create conversation with other people. Airplanes and airports are the perfect setting for creating conversation with interesting people. I find if I can get interested in someone else, I tend to forget about whatever it was that was bothering me. Each step of the trip, I was able to make some lovely connections.

So although my day did not go as planned via my mind or my printed itinerary, it was definitely filled with many adventures and blessings. The blessing for which I am most grateful is that the day of mishaps did not affect my ability to be joyful.

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