Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last evening, my husband and I gathered with friends for a pizza/election-watch party. Although our hosts made it clear that all guests were welcome regardless of their political party or candidate preference, all present were supporters of Barack Obama.

It was great fun to share in this event with friends that have the same hope for change for our country that my husband and I hold. I imagine our gathering was a microcosm of our nation with people from all backgrounds gathered in living rooms everywhere, feeling the same sense of connection and hope.

With many traditional Republican cities and states supporting Barack Obama, it is clear that our new president elect was able to inspire people across party lines. His message of HOPE, and yes.....a strong focus on working together to meet our country's goals, touched people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds. He has inspired us to believe our country can solve it's current financial and health care crisis, preserve the environment, become energy independent and can end war as a way of life, moving us closer to a world of peace and prosperity for all.

I believe Barack Obama's win was due to his ability to inspire the majority of American people that with hope we can create change.....with hope we can come together as a country and be stronger than we have ever been before.....with hope we can mend old wounds and give birth to new possibilities.

When hope is lost, belief in change disappears and people give up. It is clear the U.S. is not a country giving up, but rather one that is taking a huge step into a new era of truly being united.

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