Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Perfect Memorial

This morning while out for my morning walk I listened to the music of Josh Groban. Typically when I hear him sing the song You Raise Me Up, I feel particularly happy to be alive. Today was no exception. Although, today it made me think about death.

What was different about today's inspiration was that I imagined this song being sung at my memorial service. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about death nor am I afraid to die. I'm in perfect health, which is probably the best time to plan one's memorial service since your mind is clear and focused. It's also fun to think about the impact I would like to have on those that attend.

So, at the risk of ruining the surprise if you, the reader, should outlive me and be attending, this is the basic plan formulating in my mind right now:

The Memorial will be held outdoors if weather permits ( I don't want the attendees to be uncomfortable). I will try to die sometime between May and October; Decorations will be colorful and lively.....Flowers will be wild ones from fields or friend's back yards. There will be lots of food around....probably in the form of my favorite appetizers , which will easily allow for mingling amongst the guests. Of course, there will be a nice selection of wines, plus juices or cider for my tea-toddling friends. A lovely array of desserts will also be served....most of which will be chocolate.

As people mingle, sharing funny stories of experiences they shared with me, there will be numerous articles of memorabilia and pictures of me with many of those that are gathered. The general feel of the event will be joyful with many tears.....of laughter mostly.

After a suitable length of time that all gathered have eaten their fill and have met their fellow attendees, the M.M.C (Master of Memorial Ceremonies) will ask the guests to be seated. A general overview of my life will be shared. What some may believe to be my greatest accomplishments will not get any more air time than the simpler things in my life that I enjoyed completely.

The M.M.C will also share my personal message for all gathered. The essence of which would be about living each day fully with no give of your gifts to serve others, while creating joy for stretch beyond what's be grateful for find something to love in everyone (especially you) never stop forgive everyone that ever hurt enjoy everything you accept all that never give up dream beyond what you ever thought possible......and to eventually die smiling with gratitude for every adventure along the way.

Following this message, Josh Groban will sing or if he's busy that day, a recording can be played. The final song for this piece of the Memorial will be the Hokey Poky....since that is what it's all about. Naturally, all present will participate with the appropriate movements.

For those that want to continue to celebrate my life, there will be music and dancing until night falls and everyone says good-bye.

(Sounds like a fun farewell, doesn't it? Well, consider this post your invitation... If you're interested in being the M.M.C., contact me soon.....just in case)

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lost in leetonia said...

It is just like you to order the time of your death for months when it can be particularly festive outside. I love it.