Sunday, November 9, 2008


I returned home a few hours ago from a week-end with five other women. We are of varied personalities, ages and, backgrounds. We have different interests and different gifts. We have different stories that led us to where we are in life right now, yet we share a common bond. We are all wanting to live our best life. It is this quality that makes us Sistaaaaaas, as we affectionately call ourselves. (There are six a's in Sistaaaaaas that represent each of us)

Our week-end was spent in a friend's cozy cottage in the mountains, nestled in a private place within the Pines. We set up housekeeping for the week-end bringing in an abundance of food supplies, CDs, movies and books. It was a time to nurture ourselves at all levels. After leaving our work and home responsibilities behind, and some of us saying a temporary good-bye to our families, we set up camp to nurture ourselves and one another.

Our time together was spent telling our stories, dreaming out loud about our futures and simply just "being". We created a space for all to be as physically comfortable as possible, which opened the door for each to be fully present, claiming who we really are, and exclaiming who we see ourselves becoming. The days flowed seamlessly, highlighted by fits of laughter and sometimes tears.

After watching the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, a flick mostly intended for children, yet also applicable for adults that want to believe anything is possible, we were particularly inspired by a quote made by the lead character, Mr. Magorium, played by Dustin Hoffman...."Life is an occasion....rise to it". After a late dinner we sat around the table into the early morning hours, each sharing how we intend to rise to the occasion of life. We jointly celebrated our triumphs and appreciated the lessons and experiences that caused us each to rise to the place where we now stand.

The Sistaaaaaas will return next year....same time....same place to once again rise to the occasion of life. In the meantime we will keep our magic alive with continued love, support and a joint calling forth to move into whatever wonderful adventures are waiting for us.


ZACK said...

This is excellent!

I was led to this blog by your impressive bio, and one of our common interests (I think it was the Movie "Crash").

I definitely plan to subscribe to this blog.

Eileen said...

Myself being one of the sistaaaaaas, I say Amen!, to what is yet to come. When the 6 of us first spent time together doing our flocking festivity fundraiser, the was an immediate ease between us. We started spending time together doing other activities and enjoyed each others company. This weekend there was a strong bond built between us that will never dimish. I feel we are true sistas in every sense of the word. Thanks to all of you for, as Kate would say, being fully present and being your true selves. There is a true love between us that will never diminish. It will serve to nurish us in all we do, in good and not so good times. This has been life changing and that being said, you girls rock.
With love, Eileen

Pamela said...

I feel much the same way as Kate and Eileen. As corny as it may sound, I've had a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart since leaving the cottage. This weekends events have been in the forefront of my mind, processing the conversations and just enjoying the love that I feel. I am honored to have shared such a pivotal time with all of you. I feel blessed to have you all along for "the ride" of my spiritual journey, and honored to be riding shotgun for your journeys.

Blessings and love!