Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Unexpected Encounter

Earlier today I was out running errands, crossing things off my Christmas list. As I was walking down Main St. I came upon two rugged looking men. They looked like they could be loggers or maybe they're the guys that run those huge backhoes at construction sites. Needless to say, if one went by appearances, I typically would not be called to engage with them, perhaps believing we wouldn't have anything in common. Today, I couldn't help myself.

As we passed the Quilt shop, I heard guy #1 ask his friend if he needed any quilting supplies. Without cracking a smile guy #2, said no, I'm good (this was my cue to get involved). Since I was right on their heels, I chirped in with "Are you sure....they have a lovely variety of fabrics and notions"? Still, without even a chuckle, guy #1 said, "Ah, cmon....you know you promised to make me a new Christmas tree skirt". Guy #2, still deadpan, replied, "Maybe next year". As we continued down the block it was my turn to speak asking him if he sold his quilts, or just saved them for himself. He responded with a big grin.

Eventually we came to the end of the block where our paths were taking us in opposite directions. The last thing I heard guy #2 say was, " Look, you two are wrong about me, I really prefer to knit and crochet!" We then parted ways all laughing out loud, exchanging wishes for a Merry Christmas.

What struck me about this little encounter, was if I had stayed in judgment believing that we wouldn't have anything to talk about, and minding my own business, we three would have missed our little repartee. Instead, I got to enjoy a little fun with these two rugged strangers.

It is the unexpected encounters such as this one that carry much delight for me which actually shifted my mood from slightly blah to joy. I wonder what it did for them.

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