Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Greeting the Goblin

I have a very active dream life (both nighttime and daytime). My dreams are a high level source of entertainment for me, as well as those that know me well. Last night I had a good one, that as usual, had some hidden meaning for me.

In my dream, it was a very dark night and I was walking up Queen St. (a side street in my town) all alone, as I saw a figure coming towards me. At first I couldn't make out what or who it was in the dark. As I got closer, I could make out a head that looked like a Jack-O-Lantern with a frowned look on its face. It had some sort of dirty fabric that flowed beneath the head that eerily moved in the breeze. This goblin had no legs and just kind of floated. I have never seen a goblin and I have no idea why this particular looking one made a guest appearance in my dream, although the message to me was clear.

As I got closer I moved to my left so he could pass. I wasn't at all afraid by the sight of this nighttime walker. As we passed, I said cheerily, "Hi"! The Goblin frowned, apparently surprised and disappointed I didn't shriek with fright. I could barely hear, his "hello", muttered underneath his breath, as he passed me. We both continued on our way, neither of us looking back.

Just in case the deep meaning that springs from my sub-conscious is not clear to you, what I believe the Goblin signified was anything potentially scary.....all that lurks in the domain of the spooky unknown. What delighted me was I met what was on my life path with a friendly greeting. I was more curious and interested in this Goblin than I was fearful. I also did not judge him as bad or ugly.

In the end, I just kept going, not looking back to see if the Goblin was chasing me. I woke up feeling rested and amused by my Goblin encounter.

I wonder if this dream is expressing the progress I've made of practicing being conscious when I'm awake. Makes sense to me....I wonder what I may discover in my dreams tonight. Bring em on.....I'm ready!

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