Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to Whine?

I try not to complain. It doesn't feel very good to focus on things that I'm not happy about. Instead, I try to find something enjoyable or pleasant to think about. This time of year (mid January) seems to be prime time for many folks to focus on complaining....and in some cases, even whining. It can be challenging for some to stay positive.

We are in the midst of a cold snap, with temperatures near zero. We have also had quite a bit of snow lately. The days are short and nights are long. The roads are icy or snow covered. Parking lots are lumpy with ice chunks and hard to walk or push your grocery cart to your car. Windshields are iced. I can go on here, but I think you get the picture.

As I was out and about today I came into contact with several people that were listing all that they don't like about this time of year. It did not affect me negatively since I stayed around only long enough to hear the top complaint, the winter weather. As I walked away amused, I thought it was interesting how much energy many of us put into complaining about that which we cannot change. What adds to this interest is that we chose to live in Northern Pennsylvania where we have long winters with snow and ice. It's January and that is expected. Although these elements of winter are normal, expected, and typically occur every year, there is still resistance.

My suggestion is to find something about winter (or whatever your complaint is about) that you enjoy. I love looking at the snow hanging on the boughs of the pine trees in my backyard. I love to make soups and breads. Snuggling under my favorite soft blanket and watching movies, or reading a book are also special for me. I love sitting by the fireplace and sipping my wine. I am so grateful for the warmth of my house when it's so cold outside. I'm grateful for my YakTrax that keep me from slipping on the ice on my morning walks.

Since we have a few more months of potential winter weather, it seems a bit premature to whine. Now, if it there is ice and snow on the ground in April, then maybe whining would be in order....although it would still not change a thing....except your disposition.


Eileen said...

I also have been looking for the good things during this very wintery winter. I received a beautiful comforter set from my children for Christmas and LOVE snuggle time there. My favorite line this past week has been as long as the sun is out,which it has been, you can pretend the weather is anything you want!

Kate said...

I am so happy to know you are snuggling into gratitude, Eileen! Enjoy!