Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Is What It Is

One of the most difficult spiritual principles I see many people find to be challenging is that of acceptance. It seems to be considered normal to resist, complain, push back, refuse and suffer when there is something present in our lives that we are not happy with. Of course we're free to do whatever we want, even when our suffering protests do not change a thing.

Occasionally within the stream of our life events, when a problem occurs we have alternative choices that can be made that may remedy a situation. The truth is in many cases there is nothing that can be done to fix an issue or development. In many of those situations it is another person's behavior whom we cannot control. Unfortunately, when these instances occur, we often create prolonged suffering for ourselves before we eventually surrender and accept what is.

A personal story that made this motto come to life for me was during a trip to California. While waiting for my flight to board in Philadelphia, an announcement was made that my flight was canceled. As the desk was bombarded with numerous travelers protesting to the gate attendant, I walked to the nearest service desk and got re-routed on a later flight. Many of my fellow passengers with whom I spent most of the day, eventually did the same ( some on a later flight due to their prolonged protests) and then continued to complain about our delay. Their complaints did not make a new plane suddenly appear on the runway. The snow did not stop. All that happened was those that were unable to accept what is had a miserable day.

Acceptance takes practice. I can say from experience, the more I do it, the easier it gets. Since I prefer to feel good (happy and peaceful ), I do not resist what I cannot change. I surrender to it and float along doing my best to enjoy what is now.

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