Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Simple Message

Earlier today I was shopping downtown in a funky gift shop called the Shabby Rue with the intention to use a store credit. I like to buy gifts in this particular shop since much of their merchandise is not typically seen in other stores. Since my home decor is more antique and Folk art there typically are not many items I see appropriate for myself.

Today was different, however. As I strolled around taking in the unusual modern design clocks, martini glasses bedecked with bright colored polka dots and unusual shaped vases, my eyes lit on a very simple message. The word was BELIEVE. The word was created by burgundy colored blocks with cream colored lettering. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was it. It was a fit. The colors not only matched my family room, I love what the word BELIEVE does for me.

Every time I see the word, I remember to not doubt. I remember that it is my level of belief that something is possible that helps make it become a reality. I remember that sometimes it is the unseen forces working on our behalf (in which I believe) that conspire to help me reach my goals. I remember that believing is more fun than dreading or holding fear about what might be.

Part of my work in the world is reminding others to believe in themselves. I know when one focuses on believing the truth, then peace and joy will be gifted to those that are open to it.

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