Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conscious Consuming

In following the train of thought since the last blog entry, Facts Without Fear, I've been thinking about the responsibility of the public as consumers.

If it is a beauty product being sold, beautiful models will be showing off their perfect hair, flawless complexions and the perfect body shapes. If it's beer, a bunch of friends having a wonderful time will be recommending that brand, so you too can have that much fun. If it's a diet pill being sold, there will be amazing before and after pictures of people just like you, showing drastic improvements to their bodies.

In spite of the pervasive use of "selling" tactics, we do not consume everything we see or hear about.

The same goes when promoting sensational, frightening news stories. We will be bombarded with stories of violence, health threats and the potential of impending disasters. If we're conscious, we won't give our full attention to every story that comes before us. We will discern what and how much information is best for us and make our choices accordingly.

If we are to be conscious with our consuming we will not get pulled into the hype, the glamour, the "advertising promise", or even the fear. If we are awake and aware we will turn off the television or turn the page of our magazine when we see that the information being presented does not match our needs or desires.

Consciously choosing is empowering. It puts you in charge of making the decisions that are best for you. Rather than greed, promised beauty or fear being what you receive, it can be peace, trust and the knowing you can direct your life in a way you see as best. It is always your choice!

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