Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Director

Every theatrical play, television show and movie has a director who has a vision for how the story they are depicting will unfold. He or she is responsible for making decisions that will guide their vision to life on stage or screen. Just as the theatrical director is the main decision maker and guide in the creation of a theatrical piece, it is the same of each of us in living our own lives.

I happily take on this role of director of my life and take responsibility for all of the decisions that need to be made. You see, I have a vision for how I want my life to be. I don't know every sequence in the story at this point, but I do know how I want to feel in the process. As the story unfolds, I trust my own sense of how the scene will play out and how I will be in it.

Just as a theatrical director will sometimes solicit the advice of others or occasionally has to shift gears when some unexpected event occurs, that is true when being the director in your life too. There are times when I will ask the opinion of a friend, or will do some research on a topic and sometimes even have to let something go when the unexpected happens. Even in those times, it is my role as director to discern if this information matches and aligns with my ultimate vision.

The big difference, however, between a theatrical director and the life director is that in life, it is not being lived primarily for the amusement of others. What may be right for me, may not be appealing to every viewer. As the director, I am willing to accept that and know at the end of the show, I may be the only one applauding.......and that's okay.

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