Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting Out of the Way

One of my favorite lessons in life is to simply "get out of the way". I have found when I stress about, over-plan, worry, talk about, or fiddle with anything beyond the point that it feels like ease, it is time for me to get out of the way and allow the solution to show itself. I have learned that dedicating my thoughts in a negative way (concern of a problem developing) only adds to the negative elements around the situation.

Last evening I sat down to complete a grant for Project: Inside Out. First of all I was dismayed to see it was due in less than 24 hours. I noticed some tension building and fear of missing the deadline. Next, after going over the list of required data, I soon became overwhelmed by the amount of information that was needed....the result.....more accompanied by some anxiety. I accidentally got the cover sheet wet and couldn't find some information I needed. The final straw was when I couldn't figure out how to complete the financial sheet. I love to work with kids, but typically turn to ice when I think about crunching numbers.

In a very short time, I went from being happy to a mix of fear and dread. When I finally remembered to breathe, step back and get out of the way, I could think clearly. I called our Board of Director's finance officer for help. I was feeling better already. Thankfully, she had a window of time to meet with me and go over the figures and complete the finance report before she caught a plane to Arizona. Whew.....that was close.

With that piece out of the way, I was able to think clearly while completing the remaining forms. In fact, it was fun to add some extra information that speaks to the service of our non-profit.

Next, I made it to the office store to make duplicates with no one ahead of me in line. Finally, I turned in the documents duplicated by five, 40 minutes before the deadline.

All I had to do was get out of the way and everything fell into place. Next time, my goal will be to remember before I trade in happiness for fear.

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