Sunday, March 22, 2009

Personal Mastery

Many of us spend our time and energy on mastering some skill or use of knowledge so that we may become an expert. It may be our dream to be the best of whatever it is we study and practice. Our intention may be to be famous or wealthy. We long to no longer need to ask questions, but to be one that has the answers.

Imagine that same desire and impulse to excel when it comes to mastering your life. This mastery will not come by looking outside yourself or by study, or by a growing bank account, although observation and experiences used as learning can certainly be helpful.

Personal mastery comes by looking within. It comes by sifting through all the external stimuli that tries to tell us what or who we should be and simply focusing on our small quiet voice of the heart. The payback in our process of mastery is when we experience joy, peace and passion for life.

Mastery will also obliterate fear and resistance, allowing you to move through life with ease rather than a perspective of difficulty and endless challenges. Mastery brings confidence, trust, a sharpened intuition and certainly unconditional love and compassion.

I know I have not yet reached mastery, although I am fully enjoying my learning and growth along the way. Once again, it is not the final "knowing" that matters so much, it is the desire to be as I was created to be that stimulates my joy to live fully now.

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