Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recipe for Faith

Many people struggle to let go of control and allow their life to unfold with trust. In other words, having faith can be the greatest challenge of living in this world....especially in today's world. As I was letting this concept of faith roll around quietly in my mind this morning, some ingredients that I believe are necessary, bubbled up.

To have faith means we must believe that all is well....even when things are not looking or feeling like wellness. We must allow ourselves to trust that events, situations etc., will eventually create an outcome in our best interest. Faith also means that we are letting go of control, although we are still engaged in some action and allowing. We live with a high level of belief. Faith means knowing. We know, without question, that our needs will be met, even when there is no direct evidence supporting that fact.

When we are truly feeling the power of faith, we can totally surrender in complete peace. It doesn't mean we disengage from our lives, but know that we will be guided to take whatever actions may be necessary to lead us along on our path.

For some, even when they claim to hold a strong belief in God, will have difficulty keeping their faith alive. Others, without any formal religious connections, seem to naturally maintain and nourish their faith.

Regardless of your background or history on this issue, faith is a part of life that can always be strengthened. First you must recognize where you stand on this concept. Do you struggle to trust and have faith, or is it a natural part of you? Next, you can explore your fears that pull you from the peace of faith.

Looking at each fear with an open heart and allowing yourself to turn it over, looking closely, exploring and understanding the nuances, can be a great beginning for you to live a life based on faith. As always, holding yourself with love and compassion in your process is always a vital ingredient.

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