Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Art of Fine Tuning

Imagine you are like a radio station and your job is to broadcast information to others. This information is not just answers to questions others have of you, but everything about you. This includes your thoughts, feelings and intentions.....the music of you.

Now, think about a radio dial that is not quite tuned in. You can hear the music or the speaker, but it is not resonating. It sounds as though something is off a bit. Sometimes we hear an un-tuned radio and ignore the fact that it is not coming through as it was meant to, yet we still listen.

When you consider yourself as a radio station that is not tuned in, you will not only be broadcasting in a way that is not a match of who you really are, there will be static to let you know that some fine tuning is needed.

Fine tuning our own stations requires us to pay attention to how we feel. If the choices we are making, or the way we are behaving does not resonate fully with ourselves, our dials need to be adjusted (and sometimes only slightly), so who we really are is coming through.

This doesn't mean that anyone within broadcasting distance of you will stay tuned in, they may not, but it does mean that what is being broadcasted is the real deal you, and true resonance is what you will feel.

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