Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Innocence of Truth

Sometimes truth is a scary thing to consider. It makes things real, and sometimes we are not courageous enough to be real. Living a life truthfully need not be so frightening when we truly see the innocence of truth.

When you think of truth as that which is in your heart, I believe it makes it easier to be with. After all, who could question the content of one's heart? When anyone is innocently sharing what they feel, it seems more than appropriate for the rest of us to open our hearts to receive it. Truth need not hurt, when we are seeing it as simply the content of one's true self being expressed to another.

Imagine what life in this world would be like, if all agreed to drop their defenses and allow their hearts to speak. Would everyone drop dead from truth flying back and forth, or would we learn to be with the truth without taking it personally?

Perhaps we would get to know ourselves better, as well as those around us, since fearing our own truth can be as debilitating as being afraid of someone else.

I imagine what we would actually discover is that finding the courage to speak what is true for us, and to hear what is true for another, would be an experience of joyful freedom "to be", without excuses, exceptions, regrets or apologies.

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