Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Dressing Room Experience

I have never been fond of dressing rooms. They are spaces where I have never lingered longer than I needed to, although today I had a new experience.

On April 26th, I will be taking part in an American Cancer Society fundraising event called Fountains of Fashion, Fountains of Hope. One of my roles for this event is to co-emcee the fashion show. The models for this show are all cancer survivors.....I also fit in the category of survivor, so today I traveled to Amber Rose Bridal and Formal Ware in Montoursville, to be fitted with a gown.

The sales girls pulled several dresses in my size off the rack and lead me to the largest dressing room I have ever been in. Large room means large mirrors. I was so excited to begin trying on the gorgeous gowns, I didn't notice the mirror surround. I slipped the first one over my head, a cocoa brown, sheer-like sheath. It fit! I was thrilled. For some reason I looked thinner in this dressing room than I have in the past. Maybe that's because I had a kinder attitude toward myself.

I repeated the experience with several more dresses. For all, there was some flaw....with the dress, not me...such as too long (can't be hemmed, since I am not buying it), sleeves too long for my stubby, (I mean petite)... arms, a pucker in the fabric from previously being tried on by other customers.

The last dress was an essentially strapless (itty bitty straps) beautiful black chiffon number with Swaroski crystals and sea bugle beading. I have never worn anything with Swaroski crystals before. It fit and even flattered....It is amazing the illusion tucks in fabric, embellished with beads and crystals can create.

So, my dressing room learning experience was this: Look in the mirror and judge the dress, not yourself. If you do, you will most likely have a much more enjoyable time. In the end, I was happy with the gown and myself.

It may take some more practice, but I believe my future relationship with dressings rooms can always be positive.

If you'd like to attend the event on April 26th in Williamsport, PA, please contact me for more information and tickets 570-723-1020

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