Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Towering Pines

There have been many nature experiences throughout my life that have taken my breath away. A very memorable one that is not far from where I live is Camp Eaglebear in Leetonia, PA.

This beautiful piece of Pennsylvania is cared for by our two friends, Lee Ann and Paula. They appreciate their land like most people appreciate food and water. The beautiful mountains surround their cabin, giving many options to enjoy the beauty of nature.

A few weeks ago when my friend, David was visiting, he, my husband, and I made a trip to Camp Eaglebear http://www.campeaglebear.com/. We hiked up the mountain and took in the gorgeous views. It just got prettier and prettier the higher we went. It was our goal to walk the labyrinth that Paula and Lee Ann created at the mountain's top. As we walked from the open space deeper into the woods, the air felt different. Huge trees lined our path to the labyrinth which made for the perfect welcome.

The first time I visited this beautiful place, I felt like I was entering a sacred space. It was a spot that without any words being spoken, created a feeling of deep reverence. I felt like I did when I entered St. Peter's Basilica. It actually took my breath away as I slowly walked deeper into the space. appreciating the many years of history that preceded our visit.

We all walked the labyrinth in silence and finished in a large open area in the center that was bordered by tree stumps for sitting. I chose to lie in the center encircled by the pines. Paula led us in a guided imagery, and when it was complete I opened my eyes to see the pines circled around us, towering in the sky, gently swaying in the wind. It was as if we were in one of nature's cradles....safe, secure and held as one.

Camp Eaglebear is a spiritual piece of land that Mother Earth must be very proud of. I'm always grateful for the opportunity to visit.

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lost in leetonia said...

It was an honor to have you and David come to Camp Eaglebear. The experience is special for me every time I do it with someone.