Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Hidden Paths

A few days ago I came home and discovered two flagstone paths from my driveway and garage to the back door of my home were once again visible. Over the years, they became gradually grown over with sod. While I was away, my husband removed the sod, revealing two clear paths.

As I stood and looked at the long forgotten stone paths, I realized this is just what can happen in our lives as we get busy, often doing the things that do not necessarily bring us joy. Perhaps we were on a path long ago and somehow got distracted. As our attention got pulled to other things, we forgot the path we were on, or the path we were wanting to follow.

As the metaphorical sod grows, our dreams are no longer seen. If our dreams are not seen, the delight of living them out cannot be felt.

The grass did not cover these paths in a day. It was a long, slow gradual process. I had plenty of time to notice they were growing over, and if I had noticed I could have kept then clean and clear, but I didn't.

What I think about as I look at my now clear and clean flagstone paths is what dreams or desires have gotten "grown over" in my life with fears, doubts or a lack of faith.

I'm grateful for the once hidden paths to be open. They inspire me to stay awake in my life and not allow my dreams to be hidden in the same way.

The other interesting piece of this little story is that there are two paths. That means I always have more than one option. I wonder which one I will follow.


yogamama said...

oooh, this really resonates for me! Yeahhhh.... Nice. Thanks!

Kate said...

Great....nothing like taking a shovel to our blocks, is there?