Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playin' the Game

I'm not a big organized, competitive sports fan, but I do like the concept of play in living life. Earlier today, I was playing in my mind with sports terms as metaphors.

For instance, playing offense in LIFE would put you in the position of going for a score. You want to achieve your goals and are totally pumped to keep on plugging, no matter what kind of injuries or setbacks occur. You love to be on the field of LIFE whether you're running the distance or tripping up every few feet. It is the game that you love. Sure you may want to win, but you enjoy playing so much, that is what stimulates your desires in the first place.

If you play defense in LIFE, instead of going after your goals, you are always fighting off others. If you're defensive, then you are focused more on your competition than you are about your own focus. You know more about what's wrong about others than you know what's right about you.

If you're benched then you are out of the game. Maybe it seems safer to not take the chance to fail. Being benched is not a lot of fun because you just watch everybody else playing. It's likely any confidence you once had would be gradually going up in smoke since you're just sitting on the sidelines and not learning the ins, outs and new ways to play, that can only come with experience.

Sometimes you may call for Time Out. You need a break, a time to breathe, get refreshed and maybe talk to your coach (get it? coach) to be reminded about the way you want to play the game of life.

If you're a cheerleader you are so focused on helping others to win their game of LIFE, you never get to play. Sometimes parents focus more on cheer leading than playing in their own game of life, believing their sacrifice actually helps their child. My personal belief is the child better learns to play the game by watching their parents play full out. Besides, you can always cheer others while you're playing yourself.

The truth is we all probably jump from position to position on our game fields. My suggestion is to stay awake in the game, know where you are and pay attention to what learning comes with that position....then choose where you want to be.

I know this may not be true for all of you that read this post, but for me, winning is not the most important thing about the game.....I just want to have fun in the process.

GO_________________(fill the blank with your name)!!!

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