Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Stories We Tell

We all tell ourselves stories and we can be very creative in our story telling. Keep in mind that these stories do not necessarily have to be fact, they usually aren't. We make them up in our heads. We often do it and we aren't even aware we're doing it.

The stories we tell are often filled with things that scare us. You know, the "what ifs".....what if I'm hurt, what if I fail.....what if they don't accept me.....what if etc., etc. In listening to many people's stories, there is a pattern I see. The pattern is one that puts them in a position of discomfort, lack of love, acceptance and lack of success, otherwise known as failure.

As a coach and as a creative story teller myself, I know it is equally possible to switch out the stories based on fear of lack, loss and failure to stories based on love, success, joy and acceptance.

First of all, when you notice your joy tank being low, check in with yourself to see what story was playing in your mind. If it was one that created fear, re-tell the story to yourself so that it is one that feels good. It is all made up anyway, so you may as well create something that keeps you in better humor and a state of lightness.

For those of you reading this that may accuse me of not taking things of the world seriously, I respond with a question of what state of mind will best serve you in making decisions....a mind filled with joyful thoughts and positive, creative ideas, or a mind filled with fear, dread and limits?

Of course, we all have the choice in how we live our lives. I know for me that the more positive my thoughts, the more positive I feel....the more positive I feel, the better things go in my life. I will continue to practice telling my self stories that create joy. How about you?

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