Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Lessons

We humans often struggle with the concept of it and receiving it.

Sometimes we expect it to be proven with the use of words, gifts or actions. Sometimes even then, we doubt love can be present, because we don't believe we're lovable.

For many of us, we believe we can only love those that are like us and share the same ideas and opinions about life, or look a certain way. Our capacity for love is sometimes limited to those that share the same skin color, ethnicity or religion.

We can't imagine anyone loving us unconditionally. Surely, we must earn love.

These human ideas are obviously limiting, although I know without question, true love does not have's universal and unconditional, just watch the way a dog loves his human.

Dogs love freely, without rules. They express their love for humans without limit and without specific cause or condition. Dogs are not embarrassed to express their love....they lick your face, wag their tails and may even try to dance with you.

Dogs do not judge your lovableness by how much you accomplished in your life, or for your race or sexual orientation. They don't assess their degree of love by how many mistakes you've made in your past. It doesn't matter how much money you have or where you live, or what promises you make about the future.

Dogs love freely because they don't analyze it. They do not judge. The dog's lesson on love is that it is simple, uncomplicated, forgiving and complete. No questions... no conditions...just a complete sense of connection that will last forever.

They also freely accept love from anyone willing and open enough to give it. They love because it feels good. They know love is natural and they're not afraid to feel it.

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