Sunday, July 26, 2009

The View From Here

Early this morning, my husband and I took off for a 6 mile trek that took us by several beautiful vistas as we climbed the hills outside of town. As we paused to take in one particularly breath taking scene of rolling hills, green pastures and wild flowers covering the landscape, the question, "What is your view from here?" came to my mind.

With that inquiry came the awareness that it is the same question we can ask ourselves in every moment with whatever it may be that is in our sights. In other words, our view of life and of whatever may be on our plate (both the delectable and the unsavory) will appear to be different depending on our view. The only view that matters, is the view from where you are here and NOW.

If we are attempting to assess a current situation based on our fear of the future or our regrets of the past, our experience will be skewed. We cannot possibly predict how we will feel, or what we will do at sometime in the future, because we are not there yet. Between now and then countless experiences will have occurred which may quite likely affect our opinion and sensibilities later.

By the same token, if we make decisions based solely on anger, judgments, fears or regrets that developed due to past experiences, and are not allowing ourselves to learn and grow from these past experiences, we are cutting ourselves off from the wisdom of NOW.

The View From Here is what you see, feel, taste and intuit NOW. When I experience life from this moment (my current view), I cannot help but feel joyful. My logical and calculating mind will be put on pause, so my inner wisdom can take in the view.

With all judgments and fears put to rest (since they only exist in our views of the past or the future), peace and joy will be the landscape I will see.

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