Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Anticipator

If I were to have a superpower name, describing how I assist my fellow humans, it could very well be, The Anticipator.

Obviously, my gift is to anticipate what may be needed in any given moment, as well as my tendency to prepare ahead for whatever that case may be.

My anticipating was used well when I was a nurse. Having the instrument in my hand ready to slap into the palm of the surgeon before he even asked for it, helped the operation go smoothly and efficiently.

Other ways I anticipate are by keeping my pantry stocked with any of the items I may need to prepare a meal. I have a nice selection of ingredients and seasonings on hand for most recipes that I may choose to prepare.

I pack my suitcase for a trip, anticipating any kind of weather or activity that may require special clothing or shoes.

I have a well stocked first aid kit in my car and my home, just in case someone near me may need some assistance.

I love to anticipate ahead when planning a party or some other special event. It's fun to picture what is about to happen and then create an environment, and/or whatever may be needed to help it be successful.

Anticipating and then acting on it gives me a sense of satisfaction. It's fun to predict possibilities and then later to experience ease in the moment because I successfully anticipated.

It seems, however, I have met my match in the realm of anticipation. My son leaves for Afghanistan in six days. It is impossible to anticipate what that experience will be like for any of us at home or for my son. Right now I am in a state of peaceful acceptance of the unknown and hope this feeling of peace will continue for his entire time overseas.

Perhaps I have been anticipating this unexpected event (without even knowing it) by practicing peaceful acceptance and calmly responding to the things of life that have shown up on my path prior to this current situation.

Actually to look at life in general we can never fully anticipate what is to come. We do, however, always have the ability and the opportunity to be prepared simply by being open and accepting of what we cannot change and then trusting we can handle whatever occurs.

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