Friday, September 11, 2009

The Book That Never Ends

Have you ever read a book that you just did not want to end? This would be the book that was so compelling, so surprising, interesting and beautifully written, you simply wanted to continue to turn it's pages. Well, that's what we get to do with life.

As the chapters of life build on one another and the circumstances, the plot, and the characters that interact with us may change, the book never ends. For some reading this, they may think sheeesh, how long must I go on. How many heart wrenching or harrowing experiences must I endure? For others, you may be joining me in the adventure of the story, no matter what content is filling the pages of the book, or in this case, your life.

The truth is it is not over until it's over and all that happens, whether it may be what we want or not, is all important in our development and our connection to ourselves. Some of us learn how to be with what is happening throughout our chapters with peaceful acceptance. Others may struggle and resist and sometimes even appear to be suffering.

The perspective I like to hold is no matter what the storyline may be, it is all for good. If we struggle and survive, then that is something great to celebrate. If we find ourselves in a peaceful flow of life, that too is worth celebration. One is not ultimately better than another since both extremes are teaching us something. All of our life chapters are expressions of what we are learning and point us in a new direction.

What is the new direction? I don't know, turn the page and experience yours.

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